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Insulating Life.... An ISO 9001:2000 Certified Company !
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For more efficient usage of electricity...11kV Pin Insulator, 22kV Pin Insulator, 33kV Pin Insulator, Disc Insulator, 11kV and 22kV Post Insulator, 1.1kV Transformer Bushings, 12kV-17.5kV, 24kV, 736kV Transformer Bushings, L.T. Shackle Insulator, L.T. Spool Insulator, L.T.Pin Insulator, etc....

Importance of Insulation

Almost every major facet of a modern home and business, from lights to cooking utensils and from computers to Internet connections, depends upon insulation. Efficient insulation is critical to productive and safe use of electrical energy. There occurs huge loses in the form of leakage during generation and transportation of electricity. As such, rendering standard insulation solutions which enable efficient transportation and generation of electricity is highly beneficial for the electrical industry and in turn for the consumers.